Sigma Q (ΣQ®) makes deep muscle activation therapy
easy, faster, and more
effective than ever.

Patient Experience

Experiencing treatment with Sigma Q (ΣQ®) technology, people all seem to say the same things: “I’ve never felt anything like it,” "It’s like having a workout without doing the exercise,” or “I felt an immediate result from the treatment”.
The reason is that the ΣQ® frequency penetrates below the skin, activating deep-rooted muscles that cause the most pain, but are the toughest to recover.

ΣQ® solves underlying muscle-related problems by:

  • Actively recovering muscle tissue, not just stimulating it.
  • Traveling throughout the body, not just locally, seeking areas of weakness or damage.
  • Effortlessly exercising the muscle, bringing more blood to the area and accelerating recovery.
  • Providing bio-feedback for the practitioner through our hands-on design, yielding better treatment results.


Sigma Q - ΣQ®

Our patented technology speaks directly to the deep muscle tissue, providing direct activation with no effort on behalf of the user. In other words, Sigma Q (ΣQ®) enables deep muscle activation, providing effortless exercise for muscle recovery.

Science of ΣQ®

Biosysco’s unique, patented ΣQ® muscle activation technology delivers a completely different type of frequency than others in the market. This frequency delivers what we call “charged packets” of electricity wrapped within sound waves. These packets generate a signal that replicates the brain’s neuromuscular signals. Sound waves protect the charge and allow the signal to safely enter the body, reaching and activating deep-rooted muscles. As a result, ΣQ® is better able to address the root cause of pain. Most importantly, it allows patients to lead more pain-free and active lifestyles.

ΣQ® is a proven and safe technology that has secured the following patents, trademarks and safety approvals:


  • US = #6,871,100
  • UK = #GB2379884

Trade Marks

  • ΣQ® is a registered trademark of Biosysco

Safety/Efficacy approvals

  • EN-60601 compliant
  • UL approved
  • CE Medical mark of approval

For more information, please check out the resources below:

ΣQ® Treatments

The ΣQ® signal can be delivered through a variety of devices, with either wet or dry application. The portable dry-application devices may be most familiar to you – with gentle skin contact, the signal can penetrate deep into the muscle, providing activation without discomfort. With wet application, your patient can simply relax in our spa while directing the signal to the targeted areas with simple, easy to use controls.

ΣQ® Devices

Aquaneuro wet application system

Aquaneuro wet application system

Bioneuro dry application system

Bioneuro dry application system

Elevate patient satisfaction
and watch your business grow

ΣQ® helps athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and licensed massage therapists provide a safe, proven, effective deep-muscle therapy by communicating directly with the neurological system. Our specialized signal allows you to activate muscles in the most natural way by telling the brain to do the work for you. This allows you to provide patients with better recovery treatment than ever, in less time, and with less effort on your part. We call it “effortless exercise”.

Effective Therapy

ΣQ® devices offer instant results in either a hands-on or hands-off approach, reducing or eliminating muscle pain with fewer side effects and more productive sessions.

Faster Returns

Higher efficiency and patient satisfaction means ΣQ® devices pay for themselves quickly, so you can see a boost in profits sooner.


Providing therapy can be exhausting, which limits daily patient capacity. ΣQ® provides more effective therapy without overexertion, increasing your output and patient satisfaction.


Unlike traditional stimulation therapies, ΣQ® communicates with the brain first, instantly ensuring natural activation, proper blood flow and nutrients for the muscle.

Want to learn more?

The addition of a ΣQ® device can help transform your business, enhance patient satisfaction and return your investment in short fashion. Find out how you can acquire a ΣQ® device for your own practice and how we can help to integrate it into your business.

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